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PROLab Update facilitates handling of measured variables

The QuoData team is constantly working to improve QuoData software products such as PROLab, InterVAL and GUMsim and adapt them to the needs of users.

The latest PROLab update offers improvements for all users of the tool for planning and evaluating interlaboratory studies.

With version 2019.11.29.0, PROLab no longer only handles fixed number formats (e.g. always three decimal places), but offers the function to round to significant digits. This option has been requested by several customers. But what exactly does this mean?


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PROLab Update
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Suppose there were two samples in each of which one analyte/measurand would be measured. One sample contains about 100 mg/kg of the analyte/measurand, the other about 0.5 mg/kg. Previously, it was necessary to decide how many decimal places to display, for example 100.000 mg/kg for sample one and 0.500 mg/kg for sample two. While in sample two it would be useful to display three decimal places, in sample one it is less important. With the rounding to significant digits (e.g. three significant digits), the following picture would now appear automatically: sample one: 100 mg/kg and sample two: 0.500 mg/kg.


The PROLab update is available free of charge for all users.

If you have any questions regarding the update or our software products in general, please contact us at