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MetaInvert-ISO: QuoData Teams Up with Leading Institutions to Safeguard Soil Biodiversity


QuoData GmbH is proud to join forces with the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research (SGN), Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME (Fraunhofer IME), and SME partners – Institut Dr. Nowak GmbH & Co. KG, in the MetaInvert-ISO project.

Project Overview

MetaInvert-ISO is a vital project aimed at establishing a standardized catalog for collecting, assessing and using robust taxonomic data which is essential for safeguarding soil biodiversity. This initiative is aligned with the objectives outlined in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, which emphasizes the urgent need to preserve and restore biodiversity across Europe.

The MetaInvert-ISO initiative is organized into five comprehensive work packages, and currently the second phase is underway. Presently,  efforts are concentrated on the scientific-technical elaboration of key standard procedures, drawing from insights gleaned from phase one. Developed procedures are actively integrated into routine laboratory practices and interlaboratory tests are conducted to ensure their seamless applicability across various laboratory settings, all in accordance with planned ISO format. At its conclusion, the project will result in the preparation of a final draft ISO guideline with a catalogue of standard methods.

QuoData’s Role

QuoData's contributions to MetaInvert-ISO include developing statistical concepts for validation studies, collaborating with standardization bodies to ensure compliance, organizing method validation studies, conducting comprehensive statistical analyses, and providing clear reporting of findings.

Together with the esteemed partners, QuoData aims to cultivate a healthier ecosystem for generations to come, safeguarding the vital role soil organisms play in maintaining environmental equilibrium and human well-being.

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