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Dates for the QuoData online events 2021

Veranstaltungen 2021

QuoData Web-Seminars 2021: Quality assurance in food microbiology, evaluation of proficiency tests and in-house validation

The popular QuoData web-seminars will take place again in 2021. The events, in which participation will only be possible online, deal with various topics of quality assurance.


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Quality assurance in food microbiology

Main topics: Verification, measurement uncertainty and in-house validation of quantitative microbiological methods according to ISO 16140 and ISO 19036

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  • 18. May: Verification
  • 19. May: Measurement uncertainty
  • 20. May: Validation

Last year's program


Evaluation of proficiency tests and method validation studies

Main topics: Planning and evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043, ISO 13528 and ISO 5725

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  • 19. - 21. Oktober

Programm vom letzten Jahr