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Analytical Method Development and Validation

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Method development and validation for biotech and life science applications

Your benefits of developing your methods with QuoData

  • advanced design of experiments that saves human resources and analytical effort
  • unique statistical analysis that ensures valid results and compliance
  • comprehensive consulting and thorough support

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Analytical method development made easy

QuoData is a reliable partner for rapid and precise development of new protocols, devices and analytical methods.​

QuoData can support at any step your study: DoE, study design, data analysis, regulatory approval and publication.

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20 years of committee work

QuoData is contributing to more than 15 ISO working groups.

QuoData is involved in developing new protocols for analytical quality assurance and upgrading existing ones.

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PROLab - an advanced software for planning and evaluating collaborative studies for method validation

PROLab is QuoData's desktop software for the planning and evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons.

For method validation by means of collaborative studies, PROLab includes the protocols and designs of ISO 5725 and a range of unique statistical tools.

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