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QuoData's test and research laboratory

Testing laboratory for the effect-based analysis

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QuoData is your competent partner for measuring and evaluating hormonal and endocrine-disrupting effects in a wide variety of sample types.

For this purpose, we use robust and reliable biological yeast biosensors. Most of the yeast test systems were developed and optimized by ourselves and all of them are validated.

We are accredited by the DAkkS for the determination of estrogenicity in water samples in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018*. For this purpose, we use the ISO 19040-2:2018 (A-YES) method developed and standardized by us.

*until April 2025 suspended.

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We also use our effect-based yeast assays to determine

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  • the androgenicity (hAR)
  • the progestagenicity (hPR)
  • the estrogenicity mediated by bisphenols (modified hERα)
  • the gluco- (hGR) and mineralcorticoid activity (hMR)
  • the activity mediated by the Ah receptor (AhR/ARNT)
  • thyroidal activity (TRα and TRβs)
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  • water and aqueous extracts from e.g. wastewater, bathing water, groundwater, surface water, raw and drinking water, spring, mineral and table water as well as from sludge and soil eluates
  • extracts from personal care products, cosmetics and coatings
  • food and animal feed, food supplements and additives
  • natural and synthetic pharmaceutical preparations
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You can of course also carry out our methods in your laboratory.

You can obtain the yeast cell-based effect-related methods as ready-to-use test kits from our partner new_diagnostics GmbH.

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Your contact for contract research

In our BSL 1 laboratory, we develop, optimize and validate biological/chemical processes for a wide range of applications together with our customers. The focus is on microbial prokaryotic/eukaryotic methods as well as immunological assays.

Regardless of the scope - whether as a proof of concept, feasibility study or as part of the verification/validation of a method - we accompany your project not only in silico but also practically in the laboratory.

Our proprietary software solutions are used to design factorial optimization and validation studies and to evaluate and interpret the measurement data.

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Some of our technical equipment

  • bioreactor Infors Labors with 2-liter volume
  • freeze-drying system Christ alpha
  • vacuum concentration system Savant
  • Tecan Infinite M Plex multimode reader
  • spectrophotometer and MTP reader
  • various PCR cyclers and equipment for molecular biology work
  • incubation shakers and incubators
  • autoclaves, sterile workbench, centrifuges etc.
  • Ultimaker 3D printer
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Our support for external quality assurance

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the organization and statistical evaluation of interlaboratory studies and the operation of our own testing and research laboratory, we can offer comprehensive support in the establishment and implementation of external quality assurance measures for your biological or chemical tests.

The realization of an interlaboratory study as part of a method validation, a proficiency test or a laboratory comparison with a few laboratories - we carry out all the work from organization, sample selection/production, homogeneity and stability testing to logistics, the provision of data input tools and statistical evaluation and report/certificate preparation. QuoData’s accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2023 for the detection and classification of gunshot residue (GSR Quality Scheme) means that implementation of the requirements of the standard is mandatory for all processes.

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