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Solutions for clinical external quality assurance providers

External Quality Assessment of Clinical Labs with Scalable Solutions

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QuoData provides you with external quality assessment (EQA) solutions that:

  • automated workflows to serve hundreds of labs with individual performance reports
  • ISO 17043, ISO 13528 and ISO 15189 compliant solutions for external quality assessment
  • flexible tools and service for external quality assessment - for start-ups, big commercial programs and scientific studies

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External quality assurance for clinical laboratories requires robust solutions for statistical treatment of data, reporting and communication with laboratories.

QuoData has a scalable tools and services for external quality assessment providers.

Make use of fully web-based automated solutions to accelerate your external quality assessment, innovate with the flexible QuoData approach or bring scientific insights to light with the vast statistical options.

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QuoData is ISO/IEC 17043 accredited

QuoData is an accredited proficiency testing provider with German DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010

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