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Workshop on Qualitative Microbiological Method Validation and Statistics received well

QuoData conducted a three day workshop from November 28 to 30, 2018 under the aegis of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Institute for Food Safety and Health (IIT Chicago); in Chicago, USA.

This was the first part of a series curated by QuoData to train microbiologists, food safety professionals and scientists from testing laboratories, industrial and research institutions, and regulatory agencies.

Seventeen participants from different companies and the US FDA were in attendance. The workshop comprised of lectures by FDA specialists, talks by QuoData experts along with numerous activities and exercises for the participants.

The course topics included:

  • Statistics for qualitative microbiological methods (e.g. culture-based, immunoassay-based, and molecular)
  • Performance characteristics and criteria for qualitative microbiological methods, and how to interpret them
  • Validation pathways and approaches for qualitative methods (ISO 16140 series and AOAC protocol)
  • Detailed Excel based examples of single laboratory and multi-laboratory validation studies for qualitative methods


The next part is planned to be held in Spring/Summer 2019.


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