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About QuoData – Quality & Statistics

Dependable and Unbiased Statistics for Quality Assurance

QuoData is based in Dresden and Berlin and was founded in 1996. It has evolved into an internationally active SME that serves governmental authorities, corporations, SME and R&D institutions with its unique expertise and tools. ​Dependable and unbiased statistics for quality assurance are the common ground for all QuoData projects and activities.

QuoData provides unique knowledge, tools, and services to make measurements as accurate as possible. 

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The QuoData approach:

  • Think in data processes:
    Measurement results are always at the end of a process, the underlying structures of which need to be understood and reflected to understand errors/problems.
  • Prevention by design:
    Intelligently designed processes ensure that errors occur much less frequently and that lessons can be learned from errors that have occurred.
  • More than statistics and routine analytical quality assurance:
    Instead of just reporting and looking at the outcome, QuoData focuses on the whole process that yields the final results.
  • Eliminating errors instead of detecting them:
    By taking a holistic approach, errors are not only detected, but also their root causes, which can then be eliminated as early as possible.
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QuoData's mission is not only to identify errors, but to describe and understand their origin to improve processes and measurements in a targeted and effective way.

QuoData is independent, non-partisan and has a high level of integrity. The correctness and accuracy of results and the contribution to environmental, consumer and health protection are QuoData's top priorities and are decisive for product development and the execution of projects.

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The QuoData core team

  • PD Dr. habil. Steffen Uhlig:
    CEO and Scientific Head of QuoData / Director, Scientific Affairs

  • Dipl.-Psych. Kirsten Simon (MBA):
    CEO and Director Corporate Strategy

  • Dr. rer. nat. Karina Hettwer:
    Director, Research & Biotechnology

  • M. Sc. Kapil Nichani:
    Director, Technology & Innovation

  • Conny Lerche:
    Director, Operations, Sales & Marketing